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We can save your business up to 65% on ebike and bike shipping fulfillment costs

It’s not a fad: e-bikes are here to stay. The global market is heading toward $40B, with US electric bike sales tracking toward 1 million annually. E-bike and bike shipping fulfillment services are rising too as shipping bulky products across the world with lithium batteries is far from easy.

Many boxes need to be ticked to ship an e-bike safely and securely to customers within a few days. As for the retailer, the effort and profit margin need to be worth it.


Sell more e-bikes and grow your business

Why 3PL Center is the go-to fulfillment service for e-bike shipping

Shipping an e-bike is a tough item to ship. They’re expensive, heavy, bulky, and have a lithium battery attached. With many strict rules and regulations to follow, everything needs to be perfect to ace the delivery without unexpected delays or fees spoiling the customer’s experience.

We’re set up to ship e-bikes and bikes safely and securely across the world. Our team of experts has been doing it for many years and is equipped to connect to your systems so you can start selling more e-bikes – fast.

Because of the volume we ship, we have access to some of the best shipping rates in the industry. We recently helped an ebike company cut their fulfillment costs by 65%, which translated into over $3m saved in shipping costs.


13 Years of experience shipping bikes & e-bikes

Domestic deliveries in 2-3 days.

International deliveries within 3-7 days.

Warehouse prepped to store/unload oversized and overweight items

A team of experts here to help you

A partnership deal with FedEx for competitive rates

High DIM factor. Discounts on additional handling services, oversize and overweight fees. Waivers on peak fees 

Smart systems that integrate with yours

A flexible service that scales with you

6 Reasons why shipping an e-bike requires expertise

1. Safe & secure packaging

E-bikes are not “one-size-fits-all.” Today, every type of bike has an e-bike option but they tend to be larger and bulkier than standard bikes. Each design needs attention to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Also, most e-bikes use lithium batteries, which are classed as hazardous materials. They can short-circuit and catch fire if they’re packaged poorly or damaged in transit. Expert knowledge is required.

2. Tax and duties complications

This differs depending on where the bike is being shipped. Import duties, value-added tax, harmonized system codes, handling charges, and other requirements may apply. Consider these factors before shipping to avoid unexpected fees and delays.

3. Higher shipping costs

E-bikes typically weigh between 40 to 110 pounds. This is much heavier than a standard bike, so shipping e-bikes costs more. 

4. Customs declaration requirements

Processes/regulations differ between countries.“Electric bicycles” (as they’re classified) require the number of pieces, value declaration, etc. to be declared.

5. Insurance coverage

E-bikes start retailing around $500 and can go way beyond $10,000. Insurance coverage is a must to put your mind at ease should any damage or loss occur when shipping.

6. Returns and warranty processes

Shipping bikes and e-bikes via a fulfillment service is one thing, returns and warranty processes are another. Both should be in place before the sale to avoid headaches down the line. Communication between the fulfillment service, the customer, and the manufacturer can get complicated fast if the customer isn’t happy.

The 3PL Center’s e-bike and bike fulfillment process 

We’ve been shipping bikes and e-bikes across North America and the world for years. Our proven e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service for e-commerce businesses ensures safe and timely delivery. Regardless of product value, domestic or international shipping – we deliver.

Receiving and inventory management

We’re set up to offer a world-class e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service as our warehouse team is set up to handle heavyweight boxes and bulky items. We have made-to-fit racking for long, oversized boxes that e-bikes/bikes come in. From unloading and storing, to loading parcel tracks, our team has the experience and know-how to protect high-ticket items. 

Damaged products dent your reputation and ours, so we don’t take any chances. Our team inspects all items thoroughly and organizes them safely in our secure warehouse – ready to be dispatched.

Order processing

We’re set up to manage high volumes of “bulky” orders, so we’re perfectly equipped to offer an e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service. Our order management system syncs with your e-commerce platform. So once you receive an order, we receive the details we need. Ready to pick, pack, and prepare the e-bike/bike for shipping – fast.

Shipping and tracking

With two locations, in New Jersey and California, shipping times are reduced. Our e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service can deliver to US customers in just 2-3 days. International shipping times vary depending on location and order quantity.

Our partner contract with FedEx gives our e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service a high DIM factor and ultra-competitive prices that other companies can’t secure working alone. With a tracking system as part of the service, customers can choose to be updated on the delivery progress by email or text messages.

We can also open the bike’s packaging and add accessories/parts that your customers have ordered (such as a helmet, high visibility clothing, toolkit, etc.). This saves shipping costs and gives customers a better experience as we only need to ship one box.

Why choose 3PL Center as your e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service?

We understand trusting a fulfillment company to ship complex, high-ticket items across North America and globally is a big ask. Rest assured, we have been shipping e-bikes and bikes for years and have a proven process that works for you and your customers – while complying with shipping rules and regulations.

Here’s why 3PL Center is equipped to help you grow your business with an e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service that you can count on.

Over 13 years of expertise and experience shipping e-bikes and bikes

We were shipping e-bikes before they went mainstream! With over 13 years of experience in e-commerce order fulfillment, few 3PLs can rival our level of hands-on experience.

From software, packaging, storing, and shipping – our process is finely tuned to glide past the obstacles that stall other suppliers so that each e-bike makes it to your customer’s door safe and sound. 

A reliable and efficient service you can trust

No need to worry about lengthy setup times or learning new software to start shipping e-bikes. Our systems are made to sync with yours to keep it simple.

Once you receive an order, we see it and start preparing to ship it. And your customer will be updated as the package moves from our warehouse to their doorstep.

Scalability and flexibility

Whether you’re a startup or a growing enterprise, our e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service fits into your systems. There won’t be a period of downtime if you work with us. You can stay focused on your customer base and sell more e-bikes with a service that scales with you. Leave the logistics to us.

Cost-effective solution

Finding a reputable, cost-effective warehouse that you trust can take time – time that’s hard to come by once you’ve started offering e-bikes to customers. 

We have negotiated deals with big names like FedEx, so you reap the benefits of a cost-effective service without the headaches that come with shipping e-bikes.


E-Bike Shipping FAQs

How will you package my e-bike for shipping to ensure its safety?

We check every bike that we receive and create a packaging solution for each one. This typically is made up of a secure shipping box, a bicycle pedal wrench, foam cushions, bubble wrap, packaging tape, and a disc brake spacer. Packing will differ depending on the bike’s size, shape, weight, and whether the battery is attached or not. We have been shipping e-bikes for many years so rest assured, we know how to protect them no matter where it’s being shipped.

What are the regulations and restrictions for shipping e-bike batteries?

This would be a long list as regulations and restrictions differ between countries and can change. Also, this depends on the battery type as not all e-bike batteries are the same; the majority are lithium. Plus, some batteries can be removed easily whereas others are enclosed within the unit. We can talk about the requirements after you have requested a quote.

Can you ship an e-bike with the battery attached?

Yes, you can ship an e-bike with a battery attached. Some retailers like to remove the battery (if possible) so that they can treat the bike as a non-hazardous shipment but it’s still complicated due to the size of the item. We have processes in place to ship the bike with the battery included, with spare batteries included, or no battery at all.

Are there any specific shipping labels or documentation required for shipping e-bikes?

Yes, there are many different shipping labels and documents required for shipping e-bikes: hazardous materials labels, “this side up”/fragile labels, shipping labels, customs forms, insurance documents, etc. We have great knowledge of every country’s requirements to ship e-bikes and we can deliver in 3-7 days.

Which shipping carriers are recommended for transporting e-bikes?

When shipping e-bikes, it’s safest to choose household names with a proven track record of shipping goods in North America and worldwide. We have a partner contract with FedEx and other top names, giving us high DIM factors and super competitive pricing that other companies can’t secure working alone.

How can I track the shipment of my e-bike?

Our system connects with yours, so you can track the shipment of your e-bikes to your customers. All tracking info will be updated on your system so that you can see the progress for yourself. Customers will be notified of the steps by text messages or emails too.

What insurance options are available for shipping e-bikes?

The most affordable e-bike costs around $500 but top-tier bikes can retail well beyond $10,000, so a good level of insurance is required. Transit costs to cover any damages or loss of shipment are recommended too, especially if shipping internationally. We can talk about this in more detail after you’ve requested a quote.

What is the average cost of shipping an e-bike?

There are many factors to consider when working out the cost of shipping an e-bike such as whether the bike is being shipped internationally or domestically, package weight, dimensions, and delivery speed. A typical e-bike sale from New York to Georgia will cost around $30-$50  for a shipment within 7 days. Customers won’t want to wait that long though. Our service delivers domestically in 2-3 days. Get a quote.

Can I ship an e-bike internationally?

Absolutely. We know the requirements for countries around the world, so shipping an e-bike internationally isn’t an issue. We deliver e-bikes and bikes internationally in 3-7 days.

How long does it typically take to ship an e-bike domestically or internationally?

We can deliver an e-bike, domestically, to customers in 1-3 days. International times are typically between 3 to 7.

Are there any specific customs requirements for shipping e-bikes to different countries?

Yes, there are many customer requirements for shipping e-bikes to different countries such as import duties and taxes, documentation, customer classification, battery regulations, certification, and compliance. Our team is always up to date with the latest requirements. We are happy to discuss these with you after you have received a quote from us.

What steps will you take to prepare an e-bike for shipping, such as disassembling or securing certain components?

There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer for preparing an e-bike for shipping – there are many variables. We’ve been offering an e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service for years. Our team is experienced in the different types of e-bikes and how to protect them. We can walk you through the steps we take following your quote if you would like to know more.

Can you ship multiple e-bikes together in one shipment?

Absolutely. This is common for an e-bike and bike shipping fulfillment service. Families often buy several bikes at once and summer months tend to lead to an influx of sales. With our partnership with FedEx, we can accommodate multiple e-bike sales while maintaining a world-class service.

Want to start shipping e-bikes and bikes to your customers?