Big Shipments, Big Solutions: Shipping Heavy and Large Items

Dealing with big, bulky, overweight, or oversize packages? Managing the logistics of large and heavy items might seem daunting, but at 3PL Center, we’re equipped to handle these challenges. Among the multitude of carriers offering solutions, finding the perfect fit for your business is crucial.

Choosing the Ideal Fulfillment Partner

In the world of heavy and oversize shipping, numerous players vie for attention. While each offers solutions for specific package types, not all align with cost-effective shipping strategies. It’s important to discover the tailored fulfillment solutions that match your unique business needs.

Choosing the right partner makes all the difference, influencing your bottom line. Let’s dive in to identify the perfect match for your business needs.

Unraveling Carrier Options

When it comes to shipping solutions, some carriers cater to smaller businesses and individual customers, openly displaying their pricing (like USPS, UPS, FedEx). However, carriers specializing in larger-scale operations tend to keep their pricing structures more private (like FedEx Freight, DHL).

For products of substantial size and quantity, opting for freight shipping typically yields more cost-efficient results. Don’t overlook freight shipment quotes, especially if your products meet the criteria.

Delving into Shipping Services


  • Priority: Ideal for small to medium-size dense and heavy boxes with a weight limit of 70 lbs.
  • Priority Mail Express: Overnight shipping for items under 70 lbs, starting around $22, perfect for heavy items fitting flat-rate envelopes.
  • Media Mail: Tailored for shipping small items that don’t fit in a flat-rate envelope.
  • Ground: A cost-effective option with a weight limit of 70 lbs, suitable for larger items.


  • Ground: Offers a weight limit of 150 lbs. within 1-7 days.
  • Freight (Priority or Economy): Tailored for heavy pallets, with varying delivery speeds and pricing based on overall weight and size.


  • Ground: Offers a weight limit of 150 lbs.
  • Freight: If it’s over 150 lbs., it is considered freight. It will vary in delivery speeds and pricing based on overall weight and size.


  • Freight (Air or Ocean): Ideal for international or expedited shipping, providing diverse options for delivery speed and cargo types.

Shipping Heavier Items Over 70 Pounds

For items surpassing the 70-pound threshold, several carriers offer specialized services:

UPS: For items over 70 pounds, there is an additional charge for UPS Ground services. UPS offers shipping for items weighing over 150 lbs through UPS Freight, with specific guidelines and pricing.

FedEx: Facilitates shipping for items over 70 lbs via FedEx Ground and items exceeding 150 lbs through FedEx Freight.

Calculating Shipping Costs

Easily calculate costs using carrier-provided calculators or reference pages. Here are helpful links for major carriers:

Tips for Smooth Shipping

Secure Packaging: Invest in sturdy packaging, avoiding used materials prone to breakage. Sturdy boxes with stapled seams protect your items in transit.

Choosing the Right Carrier: Select a carrier aligned with your package size and weight, ensuring customer satisfaction and brand credibility.

Insure Your Shipments: Shield against losses or damages with shipping insurance, particularly crucial for high-volume product shipping.

Strategic Splitting: Consider dividing large shipments to optimize costs and logistics, preventing additional expenses and labor.

Considerations for Heavy Shipping

Dimensional Weight: Understand the concept of dimensional weight and how carriers calculate costs based on package size and weight.

Fragility Concerns: Prioritize carriers that specialize in handling fragile items, emphasizing safety over faster transit times.

Origin and Destination Impact: Factor in shipping zones determined by package origin and destination, influencing shipping costs.

Carrier-Specific Regulations: Each carrier has unique rules influencing shipping costs, especially concerning weight, size, and fragility.

Service Type Requirements: Tailor your carrier choice based on the specific service needs, such as international shipping or expedited delivery.

Ecommerce and Oversize Shipments

Managing heavy-item shipping for ecommerce stores poses unique challenges. Partnering with a comprehensive fulfillment provider like 3PL Center ensures efficient inventory management and optimized shipping for customer satisfaction. As an expert in omnichannel fulfillment, 3PL Center can help. Whether your shipping needs involve direct-to-consumer deliveries nationwide or internationally, or you’re engaging in B2B e-commerce, 3PL Center is equipped to optimize your shipping strategies for efficiency and cost-savings.


3PL Center’s Added Value: Negotiated Shipping Rates, Dim Factor, Unmatched Expertise

How do I know that 3PL Center can handle my oversize and overweight items?

Here at 3PL Center, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have an expert logistics team ready to help you from dock to warehouse and any location in between! We know how to unload and store these large, bulky or heavy items with expertise. We have the proper teams in place to unload your products with care to minimize any damage that can occur along the way in your products’ journey to their ultimate destination.

At 3PL Center, our expertise in handling oversized and overweight items is unmatched. Why? Because we specialize in shipping a vast array of hefty products, from e-bikes and mattresses and surfboards, and beyond. Our extensive experience navigating the logistics of these substantial goods has honed our understanding of the complexities involved in their safe and efficient shipment. We’ve fine-tuned our processes to ensure these items reach their destinations securely and promptly, making us the go-to experts for managing the unique challenges posed by oversized shipments.

What kind of overweight and oversize items do you handle?

No item is too big (or too small) to be handled by our fulfillment team at 3PL Center. We currently store and ship all types of oversize and overweight items including:

  • Flat pack furniture
  • E-bikes
  • Bicycles
  • Surfboards
  • Paddleboards
  • Mattresses and Mattress-in-box companies 

How can 3PL Center get me the best pricing to ship my oversize and overweight items?

Shipping oversize and overweight items can be quite costly. Shipping carriers charge additional fees for these items. However at 3PL Center, we do the leg work for you! You don’t need to worry about shopping around for the best rates on your shipping needs. We have extensive partnerships with small parcel shipping companies that allows us to give our customers the best shipping prices around. We negotiate discounted rates specifically for your unique shipping needs. 

Not only can do we offer our customers discounts on oversize and overweight items, but we are able to get them massive discounts on a number of other surcharges such as: 

  • Additional handling surcharges (AHS) -Weight
  • Additional handling surcharges (AHS) – Dimensions
  • Oversize Charge
  • Delivery Area Surcharge (DAS)
  • Delivery Area Surcharge Residential – DAS Resi
  • Peak and demand surcharge
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Residential Delivery Charge

At 3PL Center, we are able to waive or eliminate some surcharges. For example,  a great feature of our WMS (warehouse management system) is our address verification process. We check each address to ensure its accuracy. Sometimes the client may have entered an address missing the apartment number or missed something very easy to overlook. We are also checking to ensure it’s a commercial or residential address. This avoids costly Address Correction surcharges. 

We are monitoring all the fees 24/7 and negotiating the best we can to accommodate our customers. We don’t look to get waivers or discounts on aspects that don’t apply to our clients products. 

Additionally, with our massive spend in small parcel shipping, we are able to offer a higher DIM (dimensional) factor than our competitors. Freight carriers calculate shipping costs by using the higher weight between actual weight and dimensional weight. The DIM weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of a package and then dividing it by a DIM factor to calculate the dimensional weight. At 3PL Center, we offer a higher DIM factor, which equals even bigger savings on shipping for our customers.

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Shipping heavyweight items demands attention to detail and strategic planning. With 3PL Center’s expertise and guidance, navigate through the complexities of shipping logistics seamlessly. Contact us today.


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