2-Day Express Shipping

2-day shipping has become a staple of the modern world and is a necessity for businesses growing online. 3PL Center offers nationwide express shipping to support businesses, allowing them to build strong relationships with their customers.


100% nationwide 2-day shipping

3PL Center provides 100% national coverage for 2-day shipping. That means wherever your customers are located, we can reach them.

Our express shipping works with a variety of integrations and ecommerce platforms, meaning we can tailor our approach to your business needs. We work closely with the likes of Shopify, WooCommerce, and Squarespace. No business model is too complex for us – we will find an answer that works for you.

Our 2-day shipping process

Our streamlined 2-day shipping process is simple.

1 – Firstly, your customer places their order and selects 2-day shipping, instantly prompting our express shipping process.

2 – Our team then prioritizes this express selection, ensuring that it is primed and ready for the customer on time.

3 – We then expedite the order using our national express trucking and local delivery services, meeting the expectations of you and your customer.

The simplicity of this process is paramount to us. We always aim for transparency with our clients so they clearly understand the way we work and how it benefits them.

2-day shipping badges

By partnering with 3PL Center, you can display 2-day shipping badges on any platforms that meet the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SMP) initiative.  This guarantees to your customers that they will receive their product within two days of ordering.

The benefit of having a vast network of warehouses across North America means that we can often ship orders quicker, allowing us to accomplish a 2-day network without our clients having to pay for express shipping. This means we do not charge customers for ‘express shipping’ if we can deliver the order in 2 days without the need to ‘express’ the order.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is at the forefront of any business. Our 2-day shipping service is the ultimate way of building loyalty and retaining your customer base.

3PL Center is simply the best. Organized, responsive and always a step ahead, they are the best in the 3PL business. Highly recommended.”Sal

Strategic warehouse placement

Our vast network of warehouses allow for efficient express shipping across the country. With 11 warehouses strategically placed across the United States and Canada, no delivery is too far.

Partnering with 3PL Center means taking advantage of our warehousing routes and capabilities. Regardless of where in North America you need to ship to, we can help.

The benefits of 3PL Center’s 2-day express shipping

2-day shipping is a must for many customers across North America. Explore how our express shipping options can benefit your business:

Increased customer satisfaction

Since the introduction of Amazon Prime, customers nationwide expect fast and consistent deliveries regardless of their location. Our express shipping options will exceed their expectations, generating trust with you and your customers.

Reduced shipping costs

Shipping costs are a major point for many online businesses. 3PL Center offers discounted shipping rates, meaning you will significantly reduce your delivery costs by partnering with us.

Lower cart abandonment rates

Statistics show that customers are much less likely to buy a product if they do not offer express shipping. We help you lift customer excitement by offering a speedy and seamless delivery service.

Outdo your competition

Express shipping gives you a competitive advantage by offering the same service (and potentially more) than your competitors. Ensure you retain your customer base by providing an excellent shopping experience.

Expand your USPs

You will be able to advertise your express shipping options alongside your product, giving you additional avenues to market your business. Customers love speedy shipping, so use this to your advantage.

“Fast and friendly, good to deal with and would use again!” – Tom

Grow your business with exclusive partnerships

3PL Center works with a wide range of channels to fulfill our clients’ 2-day shipping needs, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Squarespace. If you’re selling across multiple channels, partnering with us will enhance your business by gaining access to our exclusive network of partners.

If you work with lesser-known platforms, it’s no problem. We work with many different channels, both big and small. Speak with us and we can provide an express shipping solution that fits your business needs.

Overcoming the challenges of 2-day shipping

By managing express shipping for a variety of businesses, we know how to deal with common issues when they arise. Our solutions include:

Trailblazing technology and integrations

Our technology and integrations ensure both speed and accuracy whenever a customer places an order. By using automations to enhance the process, we rule out any potential bottlenecking when you experience an increase in orders. 

Strategic warehousing network

With warehouses located in prime locations across North America, such as Jersey, California and Toronto, we guarantee 2-day shipping nationwide. We make express shipping happen, wherever your customer places their order from.

Efficient cost management

Shipping costs are a massive sink for any ecommerce business. At 3PL Center, our reduced shipping rates and cost effectiveness allow any online business to enhance their profits and move forward with expansion. 

24/7 customer service

Issues can happen at any time of the day, meaning you need a partner who is on hand to help whenever something goes wrong. Our team is versed in all aspects of fulfillment, especially in handling 2-day shipping issues that may arise. Our ultimate goal is to give both you and your customer the best experience possible.

“Fast and friendly service.” – Pawel

How much does 2-day shipping cost?

At 3PL Center, we understand how important cost-effective shipping options are for growing businesses. Customization is key, and we strive to provide all of our clients with a tailored option that both suits their needs and budget.

The cost of 2-day shipping will depend on your chosen shipping method, products, and chosen delivery destination. Once we have this information, we can look at the most cost effective options available.

Implementing express shipping

Choosing to partner with 3PL Center and our 2-day shipping fulfillment is simple.

1 – Register with 3PL Center to gain access to our express shipping options.

2 – Arrange for our team to pick up your inventory from the manufacturer. If you are currently with a provider, you can arrange for them to send your inventory to us instead.

3 – Integrate your inventory with our technology to start processing orders and begin shipping.

4 – Manage your orders and keep track using our management platform. This lets you track orders and see the effects of our express shipping.

Our experienced team will help you throughout the setup process, ensuring you know what is happening at every step. We have helped a wide range of businesses to grow their customer base with express shipping

Why choose 3PL Center?

Building relationships is imperative to building a loyal customer base. If your customers like your product, you need to ensure that you deliver it to them quickly and reliably.

By partnering with 3PL Center, not only can we ensure that your customer is happy, but we strive to exceed your expectations too. When it comes to 2-day delivery, we prioritize reliability, efficiency, and speed. We provide only the best service for our clients, ensuring a seamless and exceptional shopping experience all round.

We understand that businesses struggle with meeting the balance of shipping costs and managing customer expectations. Our goal is to give your customers the best experience with your business for an effective price.

We offer the ultimate express shipping services for businesses across North America.

Partner with 3PL Center today to start building relationships and loyalty with your customers.