Ensure Shipping Accuracy with Address Verification by 3PL Center

Mistakes in shipping addresses can lead to a bunch of issues, from delayed deliveries to unexpected costs. Recognizing the critical need for precision, 3PL Center offers a great solution within our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS): Address Verification. This feature is more than just a tool; it’s your frontline defense against common shipping errors, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our WMS harnesses the power of USPS API verification, meticulously checking each address for accuracy. This process is crucial for catching errors, whether it’s a missing apartment number or a simple oversight, that can otherwise lead to costly consequences. By confirming the details of every order, we not only enhance delivery reliability but also safeguard your business from avoidable expenses.

address verification

The Cost of Address Inaccuracies

Address inaccuracies can be more than just a minor inconvenience. Major carriers like FedEx and UPS impose an Address Correction Fee for amending an address to ensure successful delivery. This fee is essentially a penalty for errors in shipping details, covering the extra effort needed to update and reroute packages.

For instance, FedEx’s Address Correction Fee has seen an increase from $21 in 2023 to $22.50 in 2024. Such fees can accumulate quickly, eating into your profit margins. In contrast, USPS typically returns packages with incorrect addresses to the sender, avoiding the fee but still resulting in delays and additional shipping costs.

To see the entire list, click here: 2024 changes to FedEx Express & FedEx Ground surcharges & fees

How 3PL Center Makes a Difference

At 3PL Center, we proactively address this challenge with our Address Verification service. Our system diligently verifies each address against USPS standards, ensuring that every detail is correct. This includes checking for the type of address (commercial or residential), which is crucial for accurate shipping and avoiding carrier surcharges. These surcharges include Address Correction, Delivery Reattempt or even DAS residential or DAS Extended RESI surcharges if the zip codes are incorrect.

Beyond Address Verification: Comprehensive WMS Capabilities

3PL Center’s WMS doesn’t stop at address verification. We offer an array of features designed to give you complete control and transparency over your logistics operations. Our system provides real-time visibility into inventory management, allowing you to monitor stock levels, order statuses, and movement history with ease. This level of detail extends to pallet build-outs, where you can track the configuration and contents of each pallet, ensuring that your products are organized and shipped efficiently.

In addition to inventory insights, our WMS offers immediate access to freight price quotes, giving you the ability to compare rates and choose the most cost-effective shipping options. Tracking information is readily available, keeping you informed about your shipments from departure to delivery. Our system also generates comprehensive reports and billing details, maintaining transparency in every aspect of your logistics operations. With 3PL Center, there’s nothing to hide; only clarity, efficiency, and reliability.

The 3PL Center Advantage

3PL Center’s Address Verification feature and our powerful WMS make shipping simple and stress-free. We check every address carefully to stop mistakes before they happen, saving you time and money. With us, you’re not just picking a shipping service; you’re choosing a partner who really cares about making your business run smoothly.

Our promise is simple: we’re here to make sure your deliveries go off without a hitch, and we give you all the tools and information you need to keep an eye on everything. So, say goodbye to shipping headaches and hello to peace of mind with 3PL Center. Let’s make shipping easy together, one accurate address at a time.


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