Optimizing Warehouse Efficiency at 3PL Center


When it comes to warehousing, efficiency is the name of the game. At 3PL Center, we’ve honed our warehouse layout to perfection, ensuring maximum efficiency and storage space utilization. Our approach enables us to swiftly process orders for storage, pick products with speed, and ensure rapid shipping—all thanks to our meticulously designed warehouse layout.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) System

One of our key strategies for maximizing storage space is the implementation of the Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) system. Unlike conventional wide aisles, our warehouses feature narrower aisles, measuring at just over 6 feet. This deliberate choice allows us to allocate more space for products, ultimately increasing storage capacity without the need for costly expansions. More importantly, this keeps prices more competitive for our clients.

When leasing buildings or building from scratch, we typically try to choose a minimum of 32 ft clear ceilings, but we aim for 36 ft or higher ceilings. To further enhance the space optimization, we’ve designed our warehouses with higher ceilings. This additional vertical space allows us to store products more efficiently, maximizing every inch of available area. With the VNA system and elevated ceilings, our layout creates a high-density storage environment, providing a clear advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

warehouse overview

Wire-Guided Aisles: The Speedway of Efficiency

To further enhance the speed and efficiency of our warehouse operations, we’ve integrated wire guides in the middle of our aisles. These guides serve as conduits that enable fast movement between aisles, ensuring our specially designed machines – including turrets and smaller order pickers – can navigate through the space with precision and agility.

It also ensures safety as forklift drivers can go up and down these aisles fast without worrying about turning right or left and hitting the racking system. Once they hook onto the wire guide with the machine, they can only go straight, backwards and forwards down the aisle to reach the product needed. Once they disconnect after leaving the aisles, they can resume turning.

Our cutting-edge Warehouse Management System (WMS) combined with wire guides creates a seamless workflow, allowing us to swiftly access orders for storage, picking, and shipping. This streamlined process minimizes downtime, ensuring that your products are on their way to customers as quickly as possible.

Turret Pickers: The Powerhouses of Efficiency

Complementing our VNA system and wire-guided aisles, our dedicated workforce employs state-of-the-art turret pickers. These specialized machines are engineered to efficiently gather items in large quantities, revolutionizing the picking process.

Efficiency Redefined

At 3PL Center, we take pride in our commitment to redefining logistics efficiency through innovative warehouse layouts. Our utilization of the VNA system, wire-guided aisles, and state-of-the-art wire guided turret pickers and wire guided order pickers ensures that every inch of our space is maximized to its full potential. With taller ceilings, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge technology, we guarantee swift and cost-effective pick and pack fulfillment that sets us apart as an industry leader.

Choose 3PL Center and experience optimized warehouse efficiency. Contact us today.