Kitting and Assembly Services

A Full Range of Kitting and Assembly Solutions to Streamline Your Fulfillment Process


At 3PL Center, we use the latest logistics, warehousing technology, and equipment to provide a full range of kitting and assembly services. We are able to respond to increased retailer demand in a swift and affordable manner, perfect for large and small consumer orders. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your products are handled with the highest quality of care.

Identify and Source Kitting Materials

We understand that finding the right kitting materials can be time-consuming and difficult. That’s why at 3PL we specialize in identifying and sourcing for kitting materials with fast turnaround times. We have the capability to provide a variety of packaging options, including customized, stock, and environmentally friendly boxes. Our experienced team of professionals will help you find the perfect kitting materials for your products.

Pair and Bundle Commonly Purchased Items

At 3PL Center, we offer the ability to pair and bundle commonly purchased items for maximum fulfillment efficiency. Our kitting services are designed to help streamline your fulfillment process so that you can get your products to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have the experience and expertise to handle all types of kitting services, ensuring that your products are packaged with the utmost care and quality.

Experienced Team of Kitting Professionals

You can be confident in our experienced team of professionals. We are dedicated to providing fast and affordable kitting fulfillment services while ensuring that your products are handled with the highest quality of care. Our team of experts is here to make sure that your products are paired and bundled in the most efficient manner possible. With our kitting and assembly services, you know that your products will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Cost-Effective Solution

By reducing overhead and shipping costs, our kitting and assembly services offer you an effective cost-saving solution.

Faster Processing Time

With bulk processing, you can drastically reduce assembly time, enabling you to get your products to customers faster.

High Accuracy

Our inventory management systems ensure maximum accuracy in inventory and order processing, leading to fewer errors and minimizing customer dissatisfaction.

Improved Brand Awareness

Our custom packaging solutions add brand awareness, leading to increased customer loyalty.

Combine Products

Our kitting and assembly services help to combine products, reducing the number of purchase orders that need to be processed, leading to fewer shipping mistakes and quicker processing times.

Kitting and Assembly


Industries We Serve

Here are some of the industries we serve when it comes to providing kitting solutions:

What is Kitting and Assembly?

Kitting is a process in which individual but related items are bundled and shipped together as a single package. This method is often used for products that are frequently used together in a fulfillment process (product kitting). The goal is to help you decrease inventory space; whether you choose to kit on demand or kit to stock. Kitting helps you generate revenue, boost sales of slow-moving items, and cut costs by reducing picking, packing time, and decreasing errors.

Kitting and assembly is often required for retail distribution, health and beauty fulfillment, eCommerce fulfillment, and more. In addition, this service is an effective way to lower production costs in manufacturing as well as reduce labor expenses and time in retail and distribution. At 3PL Center, we have the capacity to handle bulk products, assemble them, and even prepare retail packaging for them.

How Does the Kitting and Assembly Process Work?

In the 3PL kitting process, various items or components are grouped together into a single unit, often referred to as a “kit”. This practice is commonly used in manufacturing and assembly operations, as it allows your businesses to consolidate inventory and simplify the shipping process. Here are the steps for the kitting process:

1. Identify the items that are typically used together in your product assembly process.

2. Package the identified items together into a single kit, ensuring they are organised in a way that facilitates an optimal package size and reduces the risk of errors or delays.

3. Assign a unique SKU (stock keeping unit) to the kit, which will be used to track and manage your inventory.

The kitting process reduces the complexity of your assembly operations and improves efficiency within your manufacturing workflow.

Challenges of Kitting and Assembly without a 3PL Service

Managing Inventory and SKUs

Managing your inventory and SKUs effectively can be taxing and time-consuming without a 3PL service. Keeping track of all your components and products, ensuring they are properly stocked, and monitoring their locations becomes increasingly challenging. Inventory management software helps, but a lack of centralized control and limited visibility into your operations can lead to inaccurate inventory counts and costly errors. Luckily with 3PL Center you gain access to our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) that allows you to monitor your inventory, track orders and gain complete visibility into the order fulfillment process.

Quality Control and Workflow

Without a 3PL service, maintaining high-quality control standards and a streamlined workflow is your responsibility. Ensuring consistency and accuracy during kitting and assembly processes demands rigorous attention to detail. You need to implement and monitor strict quality control measures to avoid producing faulty kits or assemblies. This requires committing time and resources to oversee the entire operation, which could be better spent on other aspects of your business.

Overhead Costs and Storage Space

Cost is one of the primary constraints when managing kitting and assembly operations in-house. High overhead costs, including storage space, equipment, and labor, can quickly add up, resulting in reduced profitability. Moreover, fluctuations in demand may necessitate additional storage space for seasonal products or components, further increasing costs. Balancing the need for efficient operations with the limitations imposed by overheads is challenging when undertaking kitting and assembly without a 3PL service.

A Proven Approach to Efficient 3PL Kitting

We are:

1. Efficient
2. Experienced
3. Recommended
4. Reliable
5. Human

You are looking for:

1. Fast efficient orders
2. Accurate pick & pack
3. Partners to scale with
4. Trusted picking and packing
5. Happy customers

Looking For A New Kitting and Assembly Solution?

A Third Party Fulfillment Center To Help Assemble Your Success

3PL Center has a combined experience of more than 45 years for providing third-party logistics services in our top notch fulfillment centers. When you choose us as your kitting and assembly partner, you can enjoy the most advanced 3PL capabilities that we have meticulously developed since our inception. What’s more, our kitting services come at extremely affordable rates. We are dedicated to implementing fair pricing practices to our customers; we want you to be 100% satisfied with our services every single time.

Our team believes that accurate assembly is all about quality. We have a consistent track record of meeting quality expectations, quality communication, and quality processes. Whether you need to re-label 9,000 units, install hard drives into external enclosures (requested by technology companies), or frame fine art, our skilled labor force can handle the job cost effectively and quickly. We handle monthly subscription boxes like monthly model kit subscriptions with ease.

Other items we have kitted and assembled during the course of our operations include food supplements, beauty products, toys, software, computer hardware, audio and video cables, and more. With keen attention to detail, we can handle all types of kitting and assembly jobs, regardless of size and complexity.


Kitting and Assembly FAQs

What is Kitting and Assembly in Logistics?

Kitting and assembly refer to the process where individual but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. This approach is particularly beneficial in logistics to streamline the fulfillment process, reduce shipping costs, and improve order accuracy.

How Can Kitting and Assembly Services Enhance Order Fulfillment Efficiency?

By pre-assembling products into ready-to-ship kits, these services minimize the time and effort required for order processing. This not only speeds up order fulfillment but also reduces the likelihood of errors, enhancing customer satisfaction.

What Types of Products Benefit Most from Kitting and Assembly Services?

Products that are often sold together or can be used as part of a set, such as gift baskets, subscription boxes, electronic devices with accessories, or DIY project kits, are ideal candidates for kitting and assembly services.

Are Kitting and Assembly Services Cost-Effective for Small Businesses?

Yes, these services can be particularly cost-effective for small businesses by reducing labor costs associated with in-house packing and assembly, minimizing storage space requirements, and leveraging the logistics provider’s shipping discounts.

How Do Kitting and Assembly Services Handle Custom and Variable Kits?

Kitting services are highly flexible, capable of handling custom kits tailored to specific customer orders as well as variable kits where the components can change based on inventory availability or customer preferences.

How Is Kitting Different from Bundling?

While kitting and bundling may seem similar, they have key differences:

Kitting refers to the process of assembling multiple items together in a package before a customer places an order. The items in a kit usually have a logical relationship and are often assembled by the customer themselves, such as furniture. Kitting is typically used in manufacturing and assembly operations to consolidate inventory and simplify the shipping process.

Bundling refers to creating a package comprising various products, often at a discounted price, as a promotional strategy. It encourages the customers to purchase multiple items together with the perception of getting a better deal.

Is kitting considered manufacturing?

While kitting can be a part of manufacturing, it’s not there can be considered manufacturing. Kitting usually happens off the assembly line or within a separate part of the facility, and it can also be handled by the manufacturing business’s third-party logistics partners. Kitting aids the manufacturing process by picking and delivering required components for assembly but does not involve the actual production of finished goods.

How does kitting contribute to fulfillment?

Kitting plays a significant role in the fulfillment process by:

Streamlining operations: Pre-assembling items into a single kit reduces the need for workers to individually pick, pack, and ship each item from separate locations within the warehouse, enhancing overall order processing efficiency.

Increased order accuracy: With all components required for a specific order grouped together, there’s a lower possibility of errors during the picking and packing process.

Enhanced customer experience: Quick and accurate order fulfilment can lead to better customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and higher retention rates.


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