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At 3PL Center, we fully understand that the vitamin and pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive one, and there is also a need to adhere to high quality regulations such as the Good Manufacturing Practices. If you run a company that physically distributes these products and are seeking companies that offer strategic supply chain management services to your clients, look no further than 3PL Center. We have the capability to help you address distribution, warehousing, packaging, and fulfillment challenges by providing best-in-class logistic solutions.

About the Vitamins & Pharmaceuticals Industry

The popularity of vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals has grown in recent years, so many wholesalers and retailers need a key logistic partner who has ample experience in the storage and distribution of vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals.

3PL Center understands that it can be challenging to replace even one case of these critical products. That’s why our team has developed top-notch procedures to protect your valuable pharmaceuticals. What’s more, we ensure that our shipment preparation and packaging procedures are performed within the same protected environment.

When it comes to warehousing requirements for vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals, you need to ensure you are storing your products in Grade A, FDA-approved food grade warehouses. At 3PL Center, we offer extremely clean and well organized warehouses that meet all industry requirements while we make sure that your products are put away by location and scanned properly. You can rest assured that your vitamin and pharmaceutical products are safe from the second they leave our warehouses until it arrives at your client’s office or home.

3PL Services We Provide for Vitamins & Pharmaceuticals Companies

If you are seeking a trustworthy third-party logistics partner to ensure your temperature-critical products are stored and transported correctly, look no further than 3PL Center. Here’s a list of our vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals 3PL services:


Why Choose 3PL Center for Your Vitamins & Pharmaceuticals Business?

3PL Center has a combined experience of more than 45 years when it comes to working with vitamins and pharmaceuticals businesses, ranging from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers, and more. Since our inception, we have gained invaluable experience about the vitamins and pharmaceuticals niche. Our team knows what’s best for your business when it comes to vitamins and supplement fulfillment.

Warehousing: We can streamline your logistics by providing fully integrated warehousing services. You can rest assured that our facilities meet the AIB International consolidated standards for both manufacturing integrity and cleanliness.
Fulfillment: Our supplement fulfillment solutions are 100% scalable and affordable at the same time. You can tap into our advanced fulfillment technologies to track the status of your vitamins and pharmaceuticals stock.
Distribution: We provide stellar transportation services that get your products to your targeted B2B or B2C markets faster. When you work with us for your vitamins and pharmaceuticals needs, you can always expect on-time delivery.

What’s more, we can track and route the products by batch number, expiration date, and regardless whether you want us to follow a FIFO (First in, first out) or LIFO (Last in, last out) method, we can fulfill your expectations. Leave it up to us to handle all trucking matters as well – from the pickup stage at the port to LTL all over the country – 3PL Center always puts the interest of our clients first. All in all, our team makes sure that your specific logistic requirements are our top concerns.

Ready to Experience the Best in 3PL Capabilities?

If you are ready to take your vitamins and pharmaceuticals business to the next level with our array of innovative third-party logistics capabilities, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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